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Commersa Digital is a Marketing agency, established in 2016  based in Gabes, Tunis. We serve clients across worldwide believing in our creativity to please the different visions of our clients. Our vision is to dedicate our excellence and innovation to each client to ensure their satisfaction. Our mission is to provide the most effecive digital marketing solutions in the industry and to use profits to reinvest in client success, emplyee success and the community.  

Commersa Digital offers a variety of digital marketing services, including SEO, paid media, Social media marketing, Email Marketing, Conversion rate optimization, Creative services, Website development and Website design.


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Content Marketing

Commersa Digital is a leader agency in content creation. Our goal is to create compelling content and promote your brand in an organic manner. No matter what level your online brand has achieved, Commersa Digital has more to offer. Our social media marketing team has been innovators in the field and we continue to push th developement daily. 

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  We offer precise tracking and funnel-based media strategies that are both transparent and effective, all of which we are able to show in our paid media reports.
While SEO offers long term growth , somtimes you need an immediate boost. Commersa's PPC  compaign ensures that the money you spend in put to the very best possible use.
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Web Design & Developement

We provide WebSite design and developement for businesses across the world. Our team is always available to serve your business needs. We can build you  a new site from scratch, assist with a website transfer,drive more traffic to your current site or get your current site to convert your existing better.

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Inbound Marketing 

are you looking for a ready innovative strategy to increase your profit ? Our team is a leader strategy creator in Tunisia , you can lean on us in building a suitable Inbound Marketing Strategy for your business.

Inbound Marketing , SEO and social media, all work together. Commersa Digital's experts will think, create and achieve your best results. 

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Grow your business and monthly revenue with our effective solutions. We develop Online Shops and E-Commerce WebSites: open cart, Magento and other software solutions available. 


More Services

We offer a wide range of custom services uniquely tailored to each business 

Our Team

 Équipe de l'entreprise

Elyes Hachmi, CEO


Équipe de l'entreprise

Aymen Meftah CEO & Experienced Developer


Équipe de l'entreprise

Nessma Abidi, Client Accountant


Équipe de l'entreprise

Nessrine Bouabdellah, Account Manager



Équipe de l'entreprise

Majd Kraiem, Senior Web & eShop Solution Developer 


Équipe de l'entreprise

Ahmed Bouricha, Graphic Designer


Équipe de l'entreprise

Amel Haddar, Communication & Marketing Manager


Équipe de l'entreprise

Mariem Yagoub, Sales Manager